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About our Training Division, what makes us unique and different from other Training Schools / Institutions.

We can offer courses right in the community, meaning; we alleviate some of the financial stress by teaching our students on their reserves, therefore students don't have to be away from their families. We are also happy to offer courses to any community or businesses that may need training and or re-certification for their staff.

IT is necessary that graduates from Heavy Equipment Training and Diamond driller courses get more than the basics of Equipment operation. We offer information and discussion about the Mining Process or day to day operations of Mining, Crushing, Central Sewer and Water Projects. As a result the newly hired graduate may find him or herself in a less unknown atmosphere. This extra training and information relieves extra stress on the individual and, when applying for jobs they are more aware of exactly what jobs they are able  to apply for.

We take the same approach in all our courses to give our students the information and basic experience they need to be able to succeed in in the industry.

We take our students through a brief Geological Introduction starting with when the Earth was cooling to how the glaciers impacted North America, how minerals are found, how they are processed, and up to how a bar of gold is poured.

We also do the same with a brief introduction and description of Central Sewer and Water Systems. What is under the ground, how does it work, what is involved in repairing water breaks and road construction.

All of our instructors are professional, experienced and accredited.

To apply for courses please send a signed letter stating which course you would like to take and WHY. also please include your resume and the name of the first nation or metis nation you are a member of. Please send this to




NetObjects Fusion Essentials
NetObjects Fusion Essentials


  • Surface Diamond Drilling Common Core
  • Surface Miner Common Core with Heavy Equipment course
  • Red Cross Standard First Aid/ CPR/ AED
  • Fall Protection
  • Traffic Control Person
  • Chainsaw Safety ( NOT Feller Course)
  • Propane Safety
  • Locating & Excavating buried utilities
  • Crushing Plant Operation Introduction and Safety
  • Aggregates & Compaction
  • Blasting Operations Introduction & Pit Safety
  • Personnel Protective Equipment (P.P.E)
  • Introduction to Mining & Milling
  • Surveying
  • Load Security
  • Diesel Engines & Hydraulics
  • Grease Gun & Automatic Grease Systems
  • Core Tech


  • Large Diamond Drill
  • Portable Diamond Drill
  • Skid Steer
  • Excavator
  • Bulldozer
  • Backhoe
  • 25 Ton. Truck (if available)
  • Forklift
  • Front End Loader